We utilize creative solutions combining sophisticated financial and real estate analytical capabilities. Our unmatched expertise in these fields allow us to identify value where others can’t, and deliver the best value to the seller.

Reliant’s diverse staff has specialized skills in low income housing tax credits, bonds, finance, law, real estate, construction, management and social-services. Our national presence and hands-on approach allow us to quickly understand and evaluate complex issues, avoiding impediments to reaching best value and assuring certainty of close.

The Partners

Joseph L. Sherman
— President
J. Caskie Collet
— Chief Operating Officer

Senior Management 
Derek Asbury — Asset Management
Chris Flynn — Director of Asset Management
Sanj Kakar — Senior VP, Market Rate Acquisitions
Eric Karnes — Asset Management
Kevin Redford — Director of Finance
Jason Snyder — Vice President, Acquisitions
Yari Wajid, CFA — Portfolio Management
Tamara Bakarian —  Investor Relations
Katherine Whipple , CPA — Controller
Tom di Francesco, CPA — Chief Financial Officer
Our Philosophy
The Reliant Group centers its investment strategy on the premise that scarce but powerful stimulants to value creation reside with motivated people, original ideas, and exacting execution.
“Over the past ten years, The Reliant Group has consistently demonstrated creativity, financial resourcefulness, diligence and persistence.”
– Rob McSween, ING Realty Partners